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  1. I have a bias that maybe you guys can dispel and it has to do with atheism and politics. When I think Christianity, I think America. When I think Hinduism, I think India. When I think atheism, I think Marxism/pre-fall Russia/Communist China, etc. When I think secular humanism, I think United Nations/global government.

    I don't like to stereotype and so I'm wondering, have there been any great atheistic/humanistic thinkers that have contributed to non-one-world-governmental, non-big-government democratic (or even libertarian) thinking?
  2. I guess what I remember is when the Secular Humanist organization awarded Ted Turner with Man of the Year about 10 or 15 years ago. I don't know whether that's normal or not.

    Do the leading secular humanist organizations tend to award this kind of elite, ultra liberal globalist-type? I think a huge block of Americans when they think secular humanism, they think NEA, ACLU, United Nations, etc.

    Is that really representative?

  3. yes, ofcourse. most all objectivists are atheists, greenspan is one example of an objectivist who does NOT espouse big government, etc. et's own rearden metal would also fit your criteria.

    i say most objectivists are atheists, since i am an economic and lifestyle objectivist but am not an atheist.


  4. Makes sense. I guess it's a case of the "loudest voices" get heard...Personally, I think these "loud voices" have been a huge liability for them...
  5. Thanx Surfer.

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Shoeshineboy, I recommend you read Atlas Shrugged. On the role of government, Ayn Rand was the polar opposite of Karl Marx and his ilk ...yet she was an atheist.
  6. I was going to ask about Ayn Rand...Haven't read any of your previous posts on it...
  7. Most of the important philosophical writings, especially the Greek/German genres, are written rather dryly IMO as raw philosophy.

    However, Ayn Rand's novels (much like Orwell's) are truly a good interesting read. You won't be bored or disappointed...
  8. I've wanted to read it for quite awhile...maybe after I finish The Elegant Universe...thx...
  9. more people should read Ayn Rand and science books.:cool:
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