American al-Qaida Spokesman Urges Attacks in US

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Will radical Islam, Jews and Christians be at war with each other for millenia?

  1. Yes. It may as well be a law of nature.

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  2. No. There will be a defining event that will change everything.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care - I have given up on humanity.

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  1. nitro


  2. Once a fight started in Africa in which 35 Hyenas were killed and 7 Lions were killed.
  3. Why did you put "radical" in front of islam and not in front of Jews, or Christians?

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  4. I bet the hyenas are going all over the media to talk about how the lions are killing innocent hyena women and innocent hyena children. I bet the lions even put up a blockade to stop the hyenas from getting any food & water.
  5. nitro


    Sorry, it should have read, radical, Muslims Jews and Christians...
  6. I suppose if the tables were turned and a foreign force invaded my neighborhood... killed my family and friends I too would become a "radical" American.

    I really believe the religious overtones are just a facade... You have to group people together in order to have an enemy to combat. Why haven't we invaded Saudi Arabia? freeze all of their assets and investigated each royal? after all this is where all of the 9/11 terrorists came from and where the bin laden family lives.
  7. ammo


    there's a documentary on pbs right now studying genocide,turkey to the armenians, hitler to the jews, rwanda,darfur,bosnia....using the hyena/lion example, maybe racism is a natural fault or weakness in humans
  8. You still have it wrong. It should be:
    radical Muslims, Jews, and Christians
  9. nitro


    What he said.
  10. Men will always kill other men, with religion being one of many excuses for doing so. There will always be some guy that wants what you have, and/or is threatened by what you have, and is willing to kill you to get it or remove it. It's a primal thing. Technologically we've come a long way. Socially? We're one step out of the cave.
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