America, You Voted For Him!

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  1. Umm, it has been illegal for this particular online gaming for quite a while, so no big surprise. Yesterday's news. As for taxing the Internet sales, why is that diff than taxing things at the store???
  2. Yeah Yeah,

    Obama: the commie, marxist, liberal, socialist, did I miss any?

    Wash Rinse and Repeat.

    Only 7 years, five months and two weeks to goooo!!!
  3. still touting that myth, are you? just like they said about jimmy carter, a two termer, no doubt.
  4. Nobody said that about Carter. R u even old enough to know who Carter was from anything other than conservative propaganda?

    I am quite positive Obama will be a two termer for a variety of reasons.

    But, hope springs eternal for u guys.:D

  5. if you want to call this the first move, you are a little late as

    On October 13, 2006, president George W. Bush signed into law the 'Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act' barring American online players from sending funds to online gaming sites
    check out this article, i know you fair and balanced fellas do enjoy Fox so,2933,220496,00.html

    get this, it was somehow lumped in with an anti-terror act, his accompanying speech replete with the same old terrorfying rants that won him the 2004 election and kept Americans looking over their shoulders for the better part of 6 years.
    yeah, i am seeing 2 terms for Obama despite what those ultra objective Rasmussen reports would have you believe.
  6. Once again, some of the Neo-Cons and conservatives of ET show just how utterly stupid they are.

    Nice job EMRGLOBAL :D

    I hope you don't manage money as stupidly as you preach. Or, perhaps you are just one of the many ET "paper-traders".

    What a joke this place has become.
  7. Quote from Mom0/pH0x:

    taxation of internet sales should not occur.


    sales tax is imposed on the basis that it is intra-state commerce, and sales tax is only supposed to apply to that.

    wrong. Many states require buyers to pay sales tax. Read their annual tax forms.

    unless the seller and buyer are located in the same state, internet sales shouldn't be taxed.

    again, opinion. everyone has one.

    online gaming also shouldn't be illegal.

    opinion. some think polygamy shouldn't be illegal. but it is.

    consenting adults should be able to do whatever they please with money that belongs to them..

    opinion. like buying cocaine for their kids? like paying a hit man to knock someone off? like buying a ticket to a movie so you can shout "fire?" like buying a gun for a criminal?
  8. Exactly, I'm sick of these little conservative one-liners. things arent that simple.
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