'America Will Collapse'

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    I'm not saying that I agree with this guy but listen to what he says about gold.. interesting. I admit that I think some of what he says is a bit extreme. But interesting nonetheless.

    He basically says to buy stuff to start a business.

  2. i missed it, what did he say about gold? the only thing i heard was her question asking about gold and he said to buy carpentry stuff... was there another part i missed?
  3. If you don't have enough money to buy it get tools.
  4. He is talking nonsense. RT (Russia Today) is the most anti-america and sophisticated news media, often talking down America.
  5. When the boat is leaking, the solution is not to get a bigger pail. All you have to do in the case of the economy is to undue all the laws and agreements that got us into this mess. But you can't do that if you are corrupt and cow tow to the bastards that got us into this mess.
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    I noted that the western world is undergoing the same thing as the Soviet Union did quite a while ago. We're undergoing a worldwide, world class meltdown of Socialism. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying that I've had time to turn things over in my mind...

    In the US we're seeing an unsustainable size of government. It's burdening the private sector to the point where growth is difficult. All the Public Sector annual budgets come to nearly half of the GNP. That is not counting the unfunded mandates. The greatest economic power ever imagined has been borrowing money for decades and now the scenario of having trouble borrowing more and at higher interest rates at that, is at hand.

    We have leaders that take office by appealing to emotion and are willing to fan the flames of racism, class warfare, gender war, take advantage of the niavete of youth, etc., to stay in power and themselves are perhaps incapable of understanding the mathematics of economics required to account for the best interests of the overall culture..

    Some on the far Left are in a scheme to overwhelm the public services and bring about collapse. Their plan is to declare themselves the "true representatives of the people" and ride to power on the backs of hysterical people in a dying economy. That brilliant idea was cooked up when the Cold War was just getting underway and maybe people thought that Communism was going to work out well in the Soviet Union. Obama's pals were from that school, William Ayres or whatever his name was, probably the Liberation Theology that drives "pastors" like that crazy guy from Obama's church are from that school of thought too. That such ignoble thinking can drive the Executive Office of a superpower seems unthinkable but that is what happened... I cannot imagine what a kindergarten power struggle will take place if there is collapse but I wouldn't worry about the people that are on the front lines of that effort winding up in power, idiots like that are throwaways. Mobsters operate the same way.. "get somebody else to do it" is their game defining catch phrase, there is some humor in that because one can never be sure one is at the top of the food chain :) Perhaps more respect is due for mobsters than the Left, mobsters aren't posing as the saviors of the population albeit when the SHTF scenario comes over the horizon they sometimes are the only surviving part of an economy and can indeed help people...
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    Dooman, you have made what should be for everyone a rather obvious observation: If things are not working out to your liking then change what you are doing and do something else!

    As we all know, their are powerful minority interests that make money from the status quo, i.e., the "bastards" you refer to. Here is an obvious example. Everyone agrees, even CPA's and tax lawyers, that the income tax code in the US is absurdly complex, inefficient and loaded to the gills with special interest perks. Yet it is because of CPA's and tax lawyers that their won't be meaningful reform. The organizations that these folks are part of have enough financial resources and political clout to see that any alternative way of taxing that would be much simpler to administer, and far more fair and efficient too, will be DOA. Ditto any reform that might eliminate the mortgage deduction. The Real Estate lobby will see to it that that's DOA.

    How about defense spending reform and an end to fear mongering and endless unproductive wars. The defense industry will see to it that any meaningful changes there will be DOA.

    How about introducing more competition into the medical or insurance industries. The respective lobbying organizations for those industries will see to it that any meaningful reforms in those areas will be DOA.

    The only reforms possible will be those that don't impinge on profits. Obama care is an example of the half baked results to be expected. The version that passed will increase net insurance profits and not harm profits in other medical related sectors. Most likely total costs will escalate, which is counter to the professed intent, which if I remember correctly, was to make "affordable" care widely available to just about everyone. What is "affordable" about costs two to eight times higher than in any nation and rising much faster than inflation in general?

    Meaningful reform in any area protected by a strong lobby is virtually impossible because of the structure of the political system in the US and its obsolescent constitution.

    At the moment the US needs job creation in the worst way; the obvious and logical way to achieve that is to grow the middle class and put money in their pockets so that they have money for discretionary spending. Growing the middle class and making it more prosperous will require, obviously, "redistribution of wealth". Just uttering those words will cause some to turn purple with rage; these purple-faced folks are envisioning confiscative redistribution. But of course redistribution can come about in a benign way via reform of the policies that resulted in wealth polarization in the first place! My guess is that instead of doing the logical, we will create jobs via borrowed money and government expenditure, or via tax incentives to businesses, and either approach will result in larger deficits, more borrowing, inflation, and possibly even further wealth polarization. Instead, the logical approach is to redistribute wealth by simply ceasing to do what devastated the middle class in the first place, and revert back to the policies that worked well in the past.

    Revolution in another hundred years or so will ultimately result in a new constitution and the necessary reforms, but I won't live to see it.

    "Insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results." -- Albert Einstein
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    Oddly and ironically, I find myself in broad agreement with your second and third paragraphs, but not much else that you have written. It seems that you have utterly failed to grasp that the United States is the most capitalist nation on Earth! One can say without overstatement that the US has perfected capitalism; but in its most pernicious form. The U.S. is not suffering from a failure of socialism as you imply, but rather from the horrors of fascist capitalism. (Don't conclude i'm a socialist, i am not. I'm a capitalist.)

    Your attempts to place Obama at the center of what you perceive as a none too slow drift to socialism are misguided and wrong in the extreme. Obama has shown himself to be thoroughly capitalist and ultra big business "friendly." Why do you suppose he is in such trouble with the left wing of his party?

    Finally, there are examples of very successful socialist countries just as there are failing socialist nations-- and don't confuse socialism with communism as you seem to have done.

    Our nature as individuals is to prefer small government and as little government interference with our affairs as possible. However big government is not the problem, bad government is.