America will collapse when the do-nothing-but-play-videogames generation grows up?

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  1. A non-productive generation that will bring down the world's greatest superpower?
  2. Oh poleeezzze! It’s the baby boomers that are handing off a bankrupt country to the next generation, not the other way around.
  3. They are so lazy, that even if they receive the greatest economy, will turn it down.

    Baby boomers received the Great Depression.
  4. those were the days..
  5. empee


    lol, baby boomers got the great depression? LOL, it was the greatest generation that got that. The greatest generation did such a GOOD job running this country that it hasn't collapsed with everything the boomers have done to it.
  6. Baby boomers didn't receive the Great Depression. They were born in the 50s and gave us the 60s radical counter culture. Baby boomers are nothing but selfish, dope using, hippy radicals.
  7. Amen! You beat me to it!
  8. My generation is far more ambitious than the boomers.

    My university use would let almost anybody enroll 30 years ago. Now the average SAT is around 1400/1600. Look at entrance stats for any college.
    Kids are killing themselves in high school these days. Especially look at our increased quant. performance. The pressures on upper middle class kids are insane.
  9. What a load of bullshit..
    this generation is by far the most productive of all...
    and as previous posters have stated, the generation before this one is inheriting all the fuck ups from the prior...and the fuckups are so monumental that it might not be possible to save...
  10. Maybe without the baby boomers the gamer britney spears generation might have a chance.

    I say when the baby boomers start getting cancer and heart disease we give em a life supply of pain medication and forget about em.

    If Obama gets elected again he will be enacting government programs to wipe their asses.
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