America VS Life... Or should I say the kingdom of Life ?

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  1. GMO

    As in fact, America love to band her Muscles... thinking that by violence and force problem can be solved...

    Sometimes it works... but against life, it's a little bit more complex...

    So who is this thing that could put America to her knees ?!?



    Look nice right ? huhuhu...

    250k seeds per plants ....
    (, ( at least they are eatable... )



    Do you know people working the cotton field on the south ? Do you know what happened this year that hadn't since the 1960 ?

    Ask and look at a chart...

    And you still want GMO Salmon ? Are you stupid(s) ?

    Okay I am nice :

    "A new herbicide-resistant strain of Amaranthus palmeri or Palmer amaranth has appeared; it is Glyphosate-resistant and so cannot be killed by the widely used Roundup herbicide. Also, this plant can survive in tough conditions. This could be of particular concern to cotton farmers using Roundup Ready cotton.[24] The species Amaranthus palmeri (Palmer amaranth) causes the greatest reduction in soybean yields and has the potential to reduce yields by 17-68% in field experiments.[21] Palmer amaranth is among the “top five most troublesome weeds” in the southeast and has already evolved resistances to dinitroanilines and acetolactate synthase inhibitors.[25] This makes the proper identification of Amaranthus species at the seedling stage essential for agriculturalists. Proper herbicide treatment needs to be applied before the species successfully colonizes in the crop field and causes significant yield reductions."

    I have no pitty, I hope that with decreasing yield, and interest payements going on a lot of farmerS will be eliminated of the business. I hope that the forcelosure of their farms(GMOs) will be done with absolutely no pitty by the banks. They are Agr-sters, and will be treated as such by nature.

    Amaranth, Amaranth what A NAME !
  2. the1


    Monsanto is going to single-handedly destroy the planet or destroy the human race.
  3. As from the above link I can't disagree with you...

    However there is another scenario ( which is kind of really cool ) ie : destroying Monsanto !!!

    Outlawing, Hunting, finding, Jailing/killing Monsanto Stake/shareholders would cost less than doing the same for Terrorists ! In fact all the Monsanto(and co) participants are LOGGED. they are TAGGED, if I may, they are all traceable for eternity

    (FEMA Camp could be usefull afterall...).

    The risks they want to impose on us to make $ aren't worth it.

    One day they will be like nazis after the fall of Berlin...
  4. Pure arrogance !
  5. A little update !

    ... a second look !! The conclusion is really refreshing...

    And about the name : "The word comes from the Greek amarantos and means the “one that does not wither,” or “never-fading”.

    His last quoted sentence is particularly true !

    quote : "Nature seems to be offering us a gift in the form of amaranth."
  6. Wiki: "Amaranth seeds, like buckwheat and quinoa, contain protein that is unusually complete for plant sources.[16] Most fruits and vegetables do not contain a complete set of amino acids, and thus different sources of protein must be used.

    Its seeds have a protein content greater than that of wheat. However, unlike that found in true grains (i.e. from grass seeds) its protein is not of the problematical type known as gluten.[17]"

    I bet Monsanto will soon be selling genetically modified Amaranth and we will all be happily consuming it. :D :D :D
  7. Ohh No ! this plant, like all the other doesn't need their modification. As proved by it's efficiency to conquer land, even cross-breeding species would not be that beneficiary...

    The plant trough the million years of fight against the envirronent have put in place the best compromise between all the different factor for growth.