america to relive the depression

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    correction it is relive.
  4. I think all the talk about a depression is pointless. Everyone we know is dead who lived through the depression (or lost their memory or perhaps their mind too!) Basically the boomers went through the oil embargo in the 70's with rationing of gas and high gas prices, then we had some inflation after that. We survived this and came out ahead.

    The kids of the boomers ain't lurned noothing about the depression of the 30's because public school probably spent 1 day teaching about that lame ass part of history.Besides, they could care less,

    I try an stay in touch with the 18 - 30 year old crowd and 20/20 to them is about the weekend just like it is with us when we were that age. So for now, lay a way and whatever else we can dredge up from the past is quant history and squat in the grand scheme of things.
  5. Layaway isn't needed as much as it would be though as TVs and Laptops and so on are a fraction of what they used to cost.

    Also, buying on layaway could (?) be better then renting and Rent-A-Center and so on have been there for a while. Then again, at least you can get newer products more often that way maybe.

    Lets see how long until WalMart, KMart and others get into renting Appliances and TVs and the like to customers.

  6. That is what we have been doing since early 2008.

    Where have you been???