America this.. america that..

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  1. bla bla bla.

    Rome fell... Persian empire fell... British empire fell... Soviet Union fell... If you think we're not going to.. your an idiot.

    Its only a matter of time ... but the thing is so what?

    You'll still have your family.. and your home and most likely a car and places to go.

    Its not a nuclear explosion for christs sakes where we become extinct.

    So you wont get to travel around the world .. sipping on champaign in your "early retirement".

    Fu*&^ off you spoiled f*&ks.

    its greedy son of a bitches like you "I want it all" mentality that got us into this mess in the first place.

    If majority of the elderly around the world have to work to the age of 80 to feed themselves.. so can you.

    Quit bitching ... either you .. or people around you elected this government .. now you pay for it.

    simple as that. Deal with it.
  2. Sorry to poke holes in your red balloon hothead, but I didn't lose any money to this fiasco, and I don't drink booze, it's stupid. Deal with that.
  3. Lucrum


    And simon fell, on his head as a young lad causing irreparable brain damage.

    Deal with it.
  4. I'm American and I agree with you. Americans want to live above their means, they want all the new gadgets, they want a new wardrobe every season, they want want want.

    Its enough, the American standard of living ends now. The shift will certainly affect some more than others. Those of us who live modestly despite the fact we can afford a lot more, will be able to handle what comes next. Those living paycheck to paycheck with lots of credit card debt and that desperately need to next new "thing" to be happy will be F*CKED.

  5. here we go.. thats what i'm talking about....

    me me me...

    you may not.. but millions of others are.. and they are all bitching about it!
  6. So let them bitch about it. They cannot bitch to their wives, who would throttle them worse than their ISP; they cannot bitch to their dogs, who would walk out on them; they cannot bitch to their friends who think he is this big & rich trader, who might think less of him for his indiscretion. What does it cost?

    Invalid reasons for bitching:
    1) You don't believe in your own systems to win in the end;
    2) You don't trust your ability to follow your own trading rules;
    3) You have not yet conquered your emotions in trading;
    4) Your system is flawed but you trade it anyway because it is yours.

    Valid reasons for bitching:
    1) Your fucking broker screwed you over;
    2) Your cat walked across the keyboard, costing you money;
    3) Your girlfriend 'distracted' you and you pushed buy instead of sell;
    4) Your ISP sucks.

  7. Did I hit a soft spot grandpa?

    Were you day dreaming about walking in shanzelize paris smelling flowers with your wife in your "early retirement" ?

    aww! poor you!
  8. Well Sonny, I'll match my net worth against yours anytime. My houses are paid for, my cars are paid for, my boats are paid for, and my island is paid for.

    Oh, and screw Paris, I prefer Maui.

  9. Shows how smart you are.
    With global warming.. your "island" will be under water in no time and I'll park my canoe on top of your house which will most likely be 30 feet under my canoe in the water and i'll fish out your "riches"!!!

    Good buy jackass! LOL
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