"America the Story of Us"... the irony

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  1. "America the Story of Us"... historical series currently airing on The History Channel...

    It's all about what made America great... Land of opportunity, "we the people, by the people, for the people", "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", inalienable rights, etc... being shown at such a time as our transformation to a Facist/Socialist/Statist country seems nearly complete. :( :(
  2. dude ... a thousand apologies ...

    I reread your post. You're one of the good guys, speaking ironically.
  3. it's all about votes to some ... maintaining political power.

    no one begrudges Mexicans from wanting to improve their lot, although, charity starts at home
  4. Except that its a crisis. Phoenix is the WORLD'S second most
    kidnapped from city. est. 360 a year, reported the actual I've read is estimated at three times that much. When cops actually do cross the line THEN complain. Its like waiting for your house to be half eaten before calling an exterminator. If you've got nothing to hide you've got nothing to worry about. What do you have to do to get people to cooperate ...even in a crisis?
  5. How effective was the war on drugs?

  6. How many Oscars has Jack Nicholson won?
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    It is hard to believe the History Channel would make a series with such a pro-liberty spin, although I rarely watch TV any more. In a hotel room, I watched a show about the history of space, and it was mostly about how great the Russian space program was and what a bunch of losers the Americans were (I kid you not). Perhaps it is more likely that the History Channel will claim that the reasons the US is the lone economic and military superpower have to do with stealing land and resources from the Indians, enslaving black people (and keeping them down to this day), imperialism, exploiting the working class, etc. Then they'll bring in the bright side, welfare, taxing the rich, growing power of unions, lots of government, regulation and more government. I would not expect them to mention rugged indivualism, personal responsibility, liberty, being rewarded for exellence by the voluntary exchange of free men in the marketplace, etc. You can't have these messages getting out there.
  8. Wouldn't that be the RUSSIAN propaganda slant of American History?
  9. That's exactly the message... and the irony of it being aired at this time.
  10. America the Story of Us"...

    I like that, here's a story of us.

    My daughter got a call from the principle that her daughter (5th grade) was handing out birthday invitations in school but only invited girls and this was not acceptable.

    Kids being kids, before she passed out invitations she asked her classmates who might like to come and who would not. None of the boys were interested in going so she didn't give them an invitation.
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