america the softie

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this is typical action of a country which can not compete internationally

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  2. It doesn't matter.

    I tell my kids, while you are watching tv, sleeping, playing a video game or texting, someone somewhere is reading a book, practicing the piano, studying something, applying themselves to some unknown endeavor and they will be your boss. You may be making fun of that nerd in school but someday you'll be working for him/her. So get busy and do something.
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  4. If America wanted to get serious about education, we'd have military style schools, with mandatory attendance, dress codes, intensive academic curriculum beginning at early ages, and parents would be hit with heavy legal and financial penalties for not forcing their children to be in school at all times - attaining high knowledge in math and science would be a national priority.

    There'd be no individuality allowed to be expressed through nose rings, purple hair, tattoos or other such silliness.

    But we want to reap all the rewards of hard work in science and math and production, without incurring the costs, as we have been doing for some time - the Japanese, Taiwanese, Singaporeans, Koreans, and now, Chinese have been doing the heavy lifting in math and science, and also production of value added goods, and we've skated by being 'creative,' and clever.

    We've done the design work on the ipod, and we've thought of the bundling of mortgage-back assets and created CDOs and CDSs, while Honda keeps designing better and cleaner motors, Samsung keeps creating better LCD displays, Toyota keeps developing better hybrid technology, and China keeps being willing to work at artificially low rates to assemble value added goods (while learning how to design and fabricate them, absorbing technological secrets in the process).
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    Well said. Although someone mentioned that Singapore or China or whatever should be our example? Don't be fooled people are basically the same everywhere and I speak from experience because I worked in Japan and had a chance to see the reality over all the hype. Be happy that you have so much freedom here in America that something like a 2 hour Superbowl break for kids can happen. Yes, there is a crisis here in terms of business ethics and too much individualism but that don't write US off. If the western world can change they will come out much stronger than ever before. I have no doubt about that.
  6. Mr J

    Mr J

    I'm not worried. Sounds like the school I went to, and most there wouldn't know their hands from their arse when it comes to trading or business in general. The fact is that most sharp people will succeed either way, and the rest will be working for them.