America, the poor - the rejected dollar.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by zdreg, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. zdreg


    this thread will be devoted to show that the dollar is on a steep long term decline thereby impovershing the average american.
    a tiny country like costa rica doesn't want the $us.
    it is just the beginning.

    please post other examples.
  2. CT10Gov


    So.... what do you want to use instead? Euro? GBP? Yen?
  3. Bob111


    i want my buying power back :)
  4. zdreg


    +1 time to close this thread down. it ain't going to getter better literally and metaphorically.

    of course we should wait until some poster starts to chant USA#1, USA#1

    just joking. keep the examples flowing.
  5. Bob111


    like i said before-it appears to me(i'm day trader and know nothing about economics) that US stocks current "bull market" is nothing, but simple and logical reaction on dollar decline. people might be happy to see their 401K's are on rise,but in reality those gains will be offset by how much things are cost. looks great on surface,but not so if you go a bit deeper.
  6. Yes and they want to replace the buying power with 1 % interest.