America takes one more hit, the king died

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Daal, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Daal


    democrats in congress, slowest growth in 5 years and friedman on a casket, this is not a good month for america. good thing my mandarim lessons are progressing
  2. considering what the republicans have done to America in the past 6 years, it can only get better with the Democrats

    at leat no more 17 year old kids sent to die in Iraq how is that for a country where you can't have a beer at 18 but are good for slaughter ?

    and what the hell are you gonna do with Mandarin? are you like this revered nutcase, planning to move to wonderful China and wake up every day to a permanent smog so thick that you can only see as far one block of ugly high rises away ?
  3. poor china. by the way its going, its not gonna have a drinkable river in the next 20yrs.

    i only hope that it wakes up to this fact sooner rather than later, and it has the balls to stop all the pollution and exploitation of its land.
  4. Mandarin lessons? Ahh spoken like a true patriot! The republicans are a spent force precisely because of fickle 'patriots' like you LOL
    Looks like its the DEM's in 2008! The patriotic 'free trade' republicans are migrating to China!

  5. Friedman is not dead.......lmao...He is my math really thats his
  6. More 17 years get killed in auto accidents each year then have died in Iraq.

  7. lmao, and what's your point?
  8. I am going out on a limb here but in my eyes it is population control. Do not look at me inhumane becouse I have a best friend in Iraq. Yeah....its not so wonderful down there.
  9. Haven't you and John Kerry heard.. the military is all-volunteer? Do you know what a military is supposed to be doing? Hint: It isn't laps and sit-ups.

    Do you not see how dangerous the world is becoming? Do you think that the USA can survive as a nation through isolationism?

    Democrats will do what? Re-distribute wealth and disincentivize hard work, achievement and success? Are you one of those looking for a hand-out?