America sliding deeper into depression

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Lebowsky, Jan 11, 2010.

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    its pretty amazing really, losing 700k+ jobs in a month when we should be bottoming. Then again who knows with the BLS b.s., but amazing that the 600k+ from leaving the workforce plus 85k lost is amazing at this point. And thats with all the stimulus, bailouts, cash for clunkers.
  3. retail stock have been signaling for a year there was no depression. retail sales are not that bad.
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  5. It is fascinating to read about the US in a foreign newspaper. You don't often get brutal honesty like that in a major US paper. At least the author is willing to admit that Europe is in worse shape, though.
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    I am somewhat surprised that everyone does not read their own news through foreign newspapers ...
  7. Brutal honesty or just sensationalist crap?
    This *is* the Telegraph we're talking about here.
  8. I was waiting for someone to say it. That poster that mentioned reading foreign newspapers: instead of patting yourself on the back becuase you found a different perspective you should first determine the validity, and integrity, of that perspective.