America, Save Yourself!

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  1. Stop wasting your life on Facebook and Twitter (and Elite Trader),

    learn some Math and Science,

    learn how to produce something useful,

    and don't expect the government to be the solution to all your problems.
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    I would suspect that the majority of Americans don't want the government to be the solution to their problems but there seems to be no way avoiding it. Socialism is going to be shoved down our throats whether we like it or not while Pelosi hops around the world on her private jet.

    As to your other points about Math and Science and producing something useful. I couldn't agree more.

  4. We do we are the number killing machine producer! What type of gun would you like?
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    Been there, done that. WIN = Work Is Nonprofit.... I earned $60-70k per year and the Black guy down the street with Section 8 housing, special tutoring for his kids on the dole, free food, medical care, etc.. not to mention his under the table job... he had a better life than I did, same economic level as me but way, way more freedom and free time....
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    Unfortunately the majority of voters do. For most voters, Uncle Sam is the #1 solution to any problem, from bad mortgages to crabgrass. Used to be that people were proud to be independent and looked down upon if they couldn't hack it on their own. No longer. Now virtually everyone looks to the federal government whenever they want some help. From the mightiest corporations to the bedraggled homeless guy trying to bum 80 cents off of you, everyone runs to Congress whenever they encounter any problems at all.

    Eventually, Congress won't be able to help any more. Then it'll get interesting.
  7. They say that local gov'ts are excessive and corrupt in the blue states - and as a resident of NJ, I would agree with that.

    But looks like a great many red states have their own gravy train:

    Greece's bloated public sector employs the same share of the workforce -- 14.1% -- as America's. Some US states are much worse, giving public jobs to nearly 25% of workers.

    A new CEPR report analyzes just how bloated our public sector is.

    Surprisingly -- as Economix points out -- the biggest public sectors aren't in liberal states like California. They're in states like Kansas, where people often rail against big government.

    Read more:
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    I wonder if that will result in armed conflict? If landowners become warlords and stop paying taxes it could lead to local skrimishes or even the Feds coming in.... but the feds would already be too broke to fund an army of armed tax collectors.. they would try Waco style things to scare people but that resulted in a disaster a year later last time they did that... I guess that once the inflation hits and all the government help in the world will not be enough to even feed the black, sick, lame and lazy it will just be a big reset button push and we can go back to where we were about 1900...
  9. Right, America needs more engineers not daytraders.
  10. One of the best posts I've seen here, and from a Guy who practices what he preaches. Less than 80 posts since 2002, most impressive!:cool:
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