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    An Open Letter To Democrats

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  2. Could anybody spot the difference between that video and the trailer for Avatar?

    Real democracy is NOT a multiple-choice questionnaire asking would you like to stick your head in the red toilet, the white toilet, or the blue toilet.

    How do you suppose these candidates get there in the first place? Did The People nominate them? Or was it maybe a select handful with agendas that might not quite match that of "the family people" here in America?

    Hate to break it to you, but throughout all of mankind's history, there was one thing that worked wonders, and it will be the only thing that will ever work wonders:

    Swords, Guns, and Bombers

    I am not making an original statement. But neither does a physicist when reciting the popularly observed laws of gravity.

    HOW did "America" gain such land? Because the poor suckers losing it to them weren't adequately equipped for conquest.

    This is one of the rare issues on which I wish to be wrong.
  3. What Swords, Guns, and Bombers did India use to liberate themselves from Great Britain?

  4. India did use violence during the time of resistance, despite condemnation by Ghandi. Eventually they were left alone because the whole world was watching, and Britain didn't want to publicly go down in history as then Nazi Germany's sister.

    In any case, why cite exceptions when they're rare enough to be of no significance?
  6. I admit it. Now I'm confused.
  7. "Now I'm confused"

    Yes, making absolute proclamations and then admitting there are exceptions will have that effect...

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    .PDF Version of The Health Care Bill (H.R. 3200)

    Text Version of The Health Care Bill (H.R. 3200)


    Everything in the youtube you post they talk about in this blog.
  10. Oh, now I get it. You're basically a nitpicker.

    "'s WHOM, not WHO..."

    And even then, I said "wonders." Dying like a feeble elf without putting up a fight is not surviving as the fittest.
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