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    Jail was disgusting enough that i shied away from prison everafter..
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    The commentators are worried about how Blacks are so vastly overrepresented in US jails... here's the scoop. Democrat attorneys sue the employers of the private sector for racial problems. Employers won't hire blacks because of the risk of lawsuit.. Blacks then have only Public Sector money to live on. That comes in the form of Government Jobs and Welfare. The majority don't have government jobs so they live in a welfare community. Welfare never can pay enough, that's one of the failings of Socialism so Blacks subsidize their meager incomes with crime. As a result criminals run the neighborhoods [mostly after about noontime, they don't have to get up early to go to work]... The black women get the welfare $ because it's "for their kids" [really it's to buy Democrat votes] so the men have to beg money from the women or do crimes... and crime has a risky downside in that you go to jail.. I'm surprised that only one in nine black males between 18 and 34 or whatever it is is in jail. My guess is that it should be more like one in two maybe... but for every one in jail there is one or two on parole or probation... so anyhow, about every four years Hillary Clinton comes around speaking at Black Churches and Black parties and all that. She fans the fires of racism and tells them they are poor not because they have a criminal culture but because of...... drum roll....... RACISM!!

    Blacks are still social conservatives in a lot of ways, it's left over from the days when they were Bible reading Christians. Obviously that Bible had to go, there is a 1700 year history of Total Onslaught [google for videos by that title] against Bible Readers and Jews, half the time it's promulgated by Jews so it gets a bit complicated at times trying to sort who's on first and all that.... and sometimes it's even promulgated by Bible Readers and they should know better....
  4. Why do you keep repeating this lie over and over and over again ?

    Blacks represent 14 % of private sector employment when they are only 12 % of the population.
  5. 30 years for stealing 4 chocolate chip cookies... damn.

    He should have taken the rasin oatmeal. Nobody likes those so nobody would have cared.
  6. Hey! Oatmeal raisin is my favorite! If he took those, he should've got life!
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    sure, you could probably provide a link to a believable source for that too LOL

  8. No problem

    Stats from the federal government...

    "African Americans represent 14 percent of all EEO-1 employment, the largest share of minority EEO-1 employment. African Americans exceed their total representation as office and clerical workers, operatives, laborers and service workers. African American employment as Officials and Managers increased by about one-third over the past decade."
  9. They are doing the jobs that a monkey could do though.

    Service industry

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  10. " African American employment as Officials and Managers increased by about one-third over the past decade."

    African Americans do multiple jobs but that isn't the point.Eight comes into every thread similar to this and states that same bull shit line over and over again that the private sector does not hire blacks when the fact is the private sector hire blacks at a hire percentage then there are blacks in the country.(This makes people like artful dodger pissed and they bitch and complain about affirmative action)
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