America - only as strong as the citizenry

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  1. Alex is ABSOLUTELY right about the new american masses......dumbed down by design and now qualified for MANAGED oblivion!!!

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  2. I do agree with this.

    Mandatory minimum IQ scores should be needed to vote.

    Were going to end up like Africa with all the dumbasses we have.

    Also, change this country into a republic instead of a democracy.

    The longer it stays a democracy the faster we turn towards socialism and the faster our country is overtaken by another.
  3. karol88


    ohh, what would happen to the black vote? :eek:
  4. Not sure I agree with that...but I would be in favor of say a 20 question test that you have to pass in order to vote. The test would consist of 20 policies the candidates stand on and you have to match each policy with each candidate.

    And there would be no B.S. questions on that test like "who spent 150,000 on clothes" Or "Which candidate is for change"

    They would be real questions on the major issues like which candidate is for abortion, or which candidate wants to spend more money in iraq, and stuff like that.
  5. Liberals say that poor people vote conservative but if you asked a liberal what he thinks about an IQ test or 20 question test in order to vote they would strongly be against any such idea.
  6. This would definitely help! An IQ test would exclude potential voters based on circumstances that are completely beyond their control, which is not appropriate for a Democracy.

    However, a civics/political awareness test would only exclude those voters who couldn't be bothered to learn a few basic facts about their own country. Anyone who wants it badly enough would get to vote- not a bad plan at all.
  7. wjk


    It will never happen, though it would be a good idea. Nothing like having an informed vote cancelled by an uninformed vote.

    How bout being able to name your rep, your senator, the leaders of the house and senate, the prez and vp nominees, and the party each belongs to? Would that be asking too much? Of course it would. Politicians who want to keep the their grip on power would never allow it.
  8. karol88


    an IQ test would never happen, because it would be yet another proof that all races are not equal...the liberals wouldn't be too happy about it
  9. An IQ test is never gonna happen for sure. Also, we can't count on the school/education system for any help, teachers union has an agenda.