America' obesity: A more devastating crisis than mortgage or credit card?

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  1. The untold crisis?
    The only one which may last for decades?

    Obese people tend to produce less (sometimes they can't work at all), yet consume more, putting additional strain on the already broke Social Security systems?
  2. Don't worry. Mortgage/Credit crisis gets any worse, there won't be food. Wal la! No obesity problem. Simple.
  3. some of the biggest (pun intended) social problems will be healthcare and medicare, because of the aging and growing (pun intended again) population.

    but there is one unintended, positive side-effect of the fattening population: reduced life-expectancies. people live a lot longer now than they did 70 years ago so anything that causes that to reverse is a plus for social security.
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    It is case of USA,U.K.,Germany ,Russia

    60-65% of populatio nhave owerweight .

    In France only 11-15%

    Cultur of eating .

    Brillat Zavarin -Physiology of the taste

    Overweight is one of ground of cardiovascular disease ,which resposible for 66% of mortality in time ,in which exist no war. 33% -Cancer
  5. Isn't that cuz Napoleon killed off all the tall, young, fit guys before they could reproduce?
  6. lol..... but isn't their consumption in junk foods helping out the economy?
  7. I am a baby boomer who grew with a heavy exposure to the counterculture. Of course, that caused to me think the world was just a kiss ass world. Now, like Rip Van Winkle, I seem to have woken up to find there are very few kiss asses, just a world full of FAT ASSES.
  8. Every time one of those lazy fat asses waddle through the cross walk I yell, "The slower you walk the wider you get!"
    How could I be so cruel?
  9. this is a dumb topic, but i'll throw something in here.

    Obese people tend to die much earlier so they strain the social security system less.

    I undrstand issues with medicare and medicade, but that was not the question
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    Isn't that cuz Napoleon killed off all the tall, young, fit guys before they could reproduce?

    No ...

    French eating cultur and female behaviar top in the world

    Eating cultur from French diplomat ,author of "Physiologie of the taste" -

    Brillat Zavarin

    USA female's most preocuppied with
    feminzm ,equal right ,business &

    French female are another -
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