America needs a national conversation on elitism

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  1. Poignant alliterations placed from people who perceive their position in the populace as part of the powerful pejorative.
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    we really dont need a national conversation on anything

    we simply need people in washington, to represent us, instead of selling us out to the highest bidder at fundraisers
  3. obama is a puppet of brzezinski and his cronies, i.e. rockefellers. nothing different than many past presidents.
  4. paul begala: obama can't win with eggheads and blacks.
  5. Fk the conversation.

    More elitists in government is EXACTLY what we need right now.

    Something like the Best and Brightest thing. Get it?
  6. the most corrupt are the ones on the fast track up the ladder of elitism. think i will pass.

  7. "David Halberstam's The Best and the Brightest examines the people and events leading to America's involvement in Vietnam"

    Yeah, we get it.

  8. Paradoxically, a prerequisite of the pursuit of perfect plutocracry , is purging the political platform of plebian punditry, preventing the proles from practical paticipation.
    Perhaps the parsimonious praise of obama, from probable pecuniary problems as president , may purport a perplexing paradigm of obama's public persona pushing new heights as a penultimate political pariah.
    Or, is this just paranoid piffle?
  9. Elitists aren't necessarily the best and the brightest. They just think that they are, and our government is already full of them. Common sense is what we need and it's in short supply.
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