America' M3 money supply going down BIG (and I mean big)

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  1. what makes M3 different than M1?
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    M3 "includes all of M2 (which includes M1) plus large-denomination ($100,000 or more) time deposits, balances in institutional money funds, repurchase liabilities issued by depository institutions, and Eurodollars held by U.S. residents at foreign branches of U.S. banks and at all banks in the United Kingdom and Canada."

    In other words, M3 is what the big boys are doing with their money.

    I thought they quit reporting M3 several years ago.
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    The Federal Reserve ceased reporting M3 in March 2006; Shadow Government Statistics publishes an ongoing series based on continued Fed reporting of major M3 components and SGS modeling of missing components, cross-checked with quarterly flow of funds data
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    shadowstats is only slightly more accurate than using a magic 8-ball to estimate economic data.
  5. Because the truth is that the Fed does not have control of the money supply. They can't force people to make loans.

    This is something the government DOESNT have control of.
  6. What's next?
    IMO massive wage deflation.

    We are already seeing the first stages of it.
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    I'm betting on inflation, simply for taxation purposes.
  8. why is oil above 70 still?

    Why are food prices rising fast?

    These are two key indicators of inflation.

    IMHO, we are in a depression, however, now with all the cheap money, your gona have oil above the 100 mark in 2011, food prices will continue to rise, while Wages fall, prices of goods like Cars, etc will fall...

    Unemployment rate is still rising...we are not at 9.7%...bullshit. Numbers have been rising the last 6 calls.

    The Depression should cause carter like interest rates, and mass unemployment, with big ticked items falling fast, energy prices skyrocketing along with food.

    I could be wrong...but this DEPRESSION is not like our great grandfathers. This will be far longer and parts of the country will not feel it as bad as others.

    Its gona be a hell of a strange trip in deed.