‘America Is Not A Racist Country’: After Buffalo Shooting, Sen. Tim Scott Urges Americans To Heal

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  1. ‘America Is Not A Racist Country’: After Buffalo Shooting, Sen. Tim Scott Urges Americans To Heal, Not Point Fingers | The Daily Wire


    (The Daily Wire)
    In an exclusive and wide-ranging interview with The Daily Wire, Sen. Tim Scott, (R-S.C.), discussed the recent racially charged mass shooting in Buffalo, the Supreme Court’s pending decision on abortion, the ongoing protests at the homes of justices, and what it means to be a black conservative. Below is the first of three articles on the interview.

    WASHINGTON — In the wake of the racially motivated mass shooting that left 10 dead and three wounded in Buffalo, one of the most powerful black lawmakers in the country is urging Americans to blame the shooter and not their political opponents.

    Sen. Tim Scott, (R-S.C.), said there is precedent for coming together and healing after such a tragedy, and pointed to how his own state pulled together following a 2015 mass shooting, also by a white supremacist. In that attack, a white man shot and killed nine black members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.

    “A racist walked into a church and killed my friend, the pastor of the church … and eight other African-Americans simply because they were black,” Scott said. “He sat through a Bible study for 90 minutes, pulled out a weapon and executed those nine lives.”

    “And so for me, I don’t think about it from a political perspective first or second, think about it from just a human perspective of the loss of my friends,” he added.

    Following the attack in Buffalo, many on the Left have sought to blame Republicans and Fox News star Tucker Carlson, even though there is no evidence the shooter was a fan of either. The Daily Wire will not name either mass shooter as part of a policy to deprive such killers of the notoriety they often crave.

    Scott said the blame lies with the individual, and the responsibility for healing with all of us.
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