America is no free market

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  1. In free markets when things go bad the weak fail and the strong survive.

    Thats the way it use to be, thats how opportunities were created that would last a lifetime if you had the cash to take advantage of them.

    Now just a whiff of a down turn and the cry babies want help. I pray that the fed does nothing, let the so called free market work things out.
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    It's not a "free market". Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    We live under corporate socialism. Individuals are left to fend for themselves -- if you can't afford the market price for health insurance or university education, that's your problem -- but if any big bank (or airline, etc.) gets in trouble, the government steps in to bail them out with taxpayer money.
  3. Wang lives in China. He makes the best fried rice in the Province. The recipe is generations old, handed down.

    Wang decides to support his family by opening a rice shop. To start out he uses the dining room in his house. The dining room has a table with 8 chairs and is close to the kitchen. Fresh rice can easily be served, and people can eat in a comfortable setting. Wang has a neighbor hand-make a sign, Wangs Rice Shop, and hangs it outside his front door. On his first day, Wang sold 25 bowls of rice. After 1 week in business, Wang has made as much money as he was making in a week working for a big company. Wang is certain his business will be able to support his family.

    Wong is Wang's younger brother. Wong lives in the United States. Wong has the same hand-me-down rice recipe, and all of Wongs friends think he should open up a rice shop. Wongs rice rocks! Wong has a sign made at Kinkos, and he buys a hot-food cart. Wong is ready to sell his rice. His first customer is a woman from the local city business license department. He can't sell his rice until he gets a business license. 3 weeks and $300 later, Wong has his business license and he is ready to sell his rice. His first customer this time is the health inspector. Wong can't sell his rice because the thermometer on the hot-food compartments has not been calibrated according to health department standards. 2 weeks and $200 later, Wong is ready to sell his rice. His first customer now is from the zoning department. Food carts are not allowed at Main & Elm. Wong is disappointed. He decides to run the business out of his house. Lots of people run businesses out of their house in his neighborhood because his neighborhood is zoned for commercial. Wong hangs his sign and he is ready to sell his rice. His first customer is the building inspector. Bathrooms do not meet code to accommodate handicapped persons. $4000 and 4 weeks later, Wong is ready to sell his rice. His first week he sells 3000 bowls of rice. On Monday of the next week, Wong receives a certified letter from Uncle Wongs Chinese Foods Inc. Uncle Wong is threatening to sue unless Wongs Rice Shop stops using the name "Wong". Wong is now a professional gambler, living in Las Vegas.

    free markets? freedom?

  4. lol, your country offers the best opportunities and has the most fair and transparent marketplace in the planet: cheapest, safest, best regulated, most liquid, most active, widest breadth of products and above all most user friendly. you cant beat USA's mkts, neither you can find the same opportunities and competitive fairness anywhere else.

    you guys dont know how good you got it there...come in EU, specially my country and you'll get a famen job if you lucky.
  5. In free markets when things go bad the weak fail and the strong survive.
    Yeah, and in civilized societies when things go bad people/governments try their best to avoid calamities, market crashes, blood on the street, recessions, depressions etc. Oh and in civilized societies the weak are helped, not slaughtered. So you are right, this country is no free market because most people don't want it to be and don't want to live according to the law of the jungle. Clearly you're an exception.

    Thats the way it use to be
    Indeed. And people used to live in caves, children used to be forced to work 15 hour shifts... Things usually change for the better, that's called progress.
  6. Well, what do you expect? They've bought the government. They own it.
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    ....after one week in business, Wang undercooks a days of meals because of a faulty cooker that was not U/L approved. He ends up giving every diner food poisoning that turns into a viral infection. It ends up doing nerve damage and puts all his customers in wheelchairs. His very loyal customers wish to give Wang a second chance but his restaurants does not accommodate handicapped.
  8. Let's sue the manufacturer of the cooker. Let's sue the rice co, too. After all it was in the cooker at the time the cooker malfunctioned . There may be a chance that the rice was defective, not the cooker. And the rice may have contributed to the persons injuries. And besides, a rice manufacturer should have known that rice will be cooked and could be placed in a defective cooker. Yet there are no warnings on the rice package about this potential danger. And while were at it, there may have been seasonings in the cooker inadvertantly dropped from a spoon used to fetch the previous serving of rice. How do we know that the seasoning didn't cause the cooker to malfunction? Thus the seasoning manufacturer is enjoined.Now a retailer sold this defective cooker. They are obviously responsible to a degree. They will also recieve a registered complaint from the court.Then we have a question whether this episode might be due to faulty wiring. That contractor that remodeled the kitchen last summer will also be served in this lawsuit.

    Wong sues and collects, no need for business no more, Wong moves to Las Vegas hooks up with "Uncle Wong". Stay tuned...
  9. Wow, you learn something new every day on ET.
    Under cooked grains will give you food poisoning, who woulda thought?... You numb nuts :)
  10. Right here in plain English

    —ׂ̋q‚Í‚æ‚_Š`H‚¤‹q‚¾ ... (Uncooked rice vs Wong lawsuit won!) ‚É‚í‚Ì’ë‚É‚Í“ñ‰H‚ÌŒ{‚͘k‚ðH‚ׂ½ ...

    Just goofing around.
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