America Is Doooooooooooooooooooooooomed!! Downgrade Tonite!

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  1. TONITE at 8:15 S&P is going to announce a downgrade from AAA to AA+

  2. Source.
  3. I'd say mkt bounces after downgrade..........i'm 50% positive.
  4. is that what the selling for the last two weeks was all about?

    no downgrade = +10%?
  5. Turn your TV on tonite.
  6. What time?
  7. S&P did a fantastic job rating MBS
  8. 8:15 Official announcement from S&P so news should have it by 8:16 at least.

    Bombshell TONITE!!!

    I say 9% drop monday. when liquidation and margin calls hit hard.
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