America is about to have its first Native American president!!!

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  1. Sprize everyone!!

    Fauxco has announced.

    Listening to her has gotta be right up there with the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. Gawd.

    Although from the headlines, the Washington Post says she has announced, but the Hill says, she is just announcing an exploratory committee.

    So much fake news, so little time to sort it out.

    Hopefully her exploratory committee will conclude that no one wants to hear her sorry arse out on the trail for months to come, but it wont go that way will it?

    I get all my news from Trump's tweets, so I will just wait to see what he has to say on the topic. He likes to "dialogue" with Fauxco. It has become kind of a blood sport. He loves to get her wound up, then she gets all spazzy and shaky when she talks to the press about it. Love it.

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  2. Warren is the perfect example of leftist ideology trumping intellect. She is smart, know the markets well and how the scam artists manipulate it. I always enjoyed seeing her take the financial terrorists to task, but she went nuts trying to appease all the lunatic fringe groups of the left. There was a time when I could have seen myself supporting her if she had remained a sane and rational democrat. In todays climate that is impossible. It's a race to see who will be the engineer of the crazy train. Perhaps that can be her injun name. Crazy train.
  3. Warren needs to be careful and not pull a Hillary Clinton. Queen Hillary wanted the black vote and tried to dress like Shug Nite or some shit. Couldn't pull the look off. Don't jump the shark too early. Please Lizzy, no Indian garb.

    All conspiracies aside, this is why Clinton lost.
  4. Pocahontas is running for President.
    Donald Trump must be very happy.

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    She’d be a better president than Trump.
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  6. To be serious for a moment, much as it pains me to be serious about politics, Warren is positioning herself for the Veep spot. She has no real shot for President. I'll give it to you boys and girls right here, right now. The ticket is Holder/Warren, and they will be formidable. Holder will be, don't laugh, you must think like a leftist, he will campaign on restoring law and order to the office and government. She will be there of launch assault on the greedy Wall Street types and restore economic fairness, as if that was ever the case, but again, think leftist. They also check all the other boxes of identity politics. You may believe this won't fly but I'm here to tell you it will absolutely fly. If the dems are stupid enough to run any other ticket and any other platform, they lose.
  7. What about running Biden / Warren?
  8. You would think that Fauxco is woke on that native american fiasco at this point.

    But I am honest to god, no lie, tellin ya, she is prepared to double down on it and will not back off a fucking inch throughout the whole campaign on that issue.

    Just incredible. Some pundits and/or tards argue that this is just a piddling little side issue that gets blown up. NO IT ISN'T. It is symptomatic of just how desperately she still feels that identity politics is necessary to win and that she needs to have an edge there. It is Hillary 2.0 where Hillary abandoned mainstream American and thought the better edge was to pander to illegals and transgenders- Not to some nasty white guy who runs a fourth-generation dairy farm in Wisconsin and probably- horror of horrors- goes to the Lutheran Church because that's what he wants to do- not you- and does not belong to one of the in-vogue religions such as Islam.

    As I have said before, and will say again, the irony is that Fauxco's genealogy shows that she comes from a perfectly fine background to have creds as an American. She comes from a hard-scrabble oklahoma heritage. What's wrong with that? NOTHING!!! What an affront to her American heritage for her to think that she has to make up stories on top of that to be considered zippy by her political party. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on her. Looks to me like someone made it to being a big-bucks Harvard professor and then a Senator but is ashamed of her background and the American dream, and all the people before her who took her there.

    Full disclosure: I don't like her.
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    Watch out for Klobochar/Castro.
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    For people who can't read between the lines, they're going to just love this video.

    And for real people, imagine the amount of germs lying in the grout in her kitchen. Gross.

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