America Get Your Gun

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    # n 1999, 3,385 kids ages 0-19 years were killed with a gun. This includes homicides, suicides, and unintentional injuries.
    # This is equivalent to about 9 deaths per day, a figure commonly used by journalists.
  2. Mostly homicides. A home swimming pool is MUCH oftener contributory to accidental death than a firearm...
  3. Nothing like when Clinton came into office an mandated the clip size from 15 to 9.

    Stainless M9's when from $400 to $750. That a very basic example. You people have little historical basis.
  4. guns shud be frigging banned
  6. do you have any comprehension of actually showing supporting documentation of your statements? If that is true, post some statistics, otherwise STFU. How do you possibly trade???
  7. What are you afraid of?
  8. Me: money.

    You: piker.

    How do I know. Because I've ALREADY researched half of what I post here. If you're in dispute then YOU look it up. I've posted stats on this at least twice on ET. Use the search function.
  9. I'll throw you a bone you stupid left fuck:

    In 2000, 174 children (0-18) in the United States died from unintentional firearm-related injuries. Unintentional injuries are usually caused when children play with guns or are hunting.

    In the United States, 1,236 children (0-18) died from drowning in 2000.

    42 children drowned in Broward County since 2005 and 43 in Miami-Dade in that same period.
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