America does not need to spend 1/2 trillion on the military

Discussion in 'Politics' started by The Kin2, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. First of all, no nation will ever attack the United States due to assured annihilation from nuclear bombs.
    Second, there is no reason for America to have troops all over the world. The only place American troops should be is America. Us fucking in the middle east probably what caused 9/11. It's like we're the Roman Empire.
    Third, we've become so big and powerful that any fight we pull is going to be David and Goliath. The Irish taught the British long ago that military occupation does not work, and that's exactly what's happening in Iraq. USA is not going to change radical muslim culture, even though it's a threat. It simply can't happen. The best bet is just bomb the shit out of terrorist camps. Sure it will piss off some muslim nations, but what are they gonna do?

    Actually, the War in Iraq has probably created far more problems than it solved and has offset the balance of power in the middle east. It's better to have two muslim nations hate each other and fight (Iraq - Iran) than it is to have all muslim nations hate USA. All our fucking interventions made us target #1. It would have been better to let Saddam take Kuwait and battle Iran for the rest of eternity. The terrorists would have been too busy blowing up their own kind to even think about America.

    The only time an American solider should die fighting for a foreign land is if the ghost of Adolf Hitler re-incarnated and decided to exterminate all human life.

  2. Saddam Hussien and WMDs


    Prince Harry the NAZI