america before ther nanny state

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was america a better place to live before the nanny state?

  1. yes it was

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  2. no it was not

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  3. not sure

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  2. We have to have more entitlement programs because the gov't has severly limited who what when where and why of employment.

    Back in the day kids could get a job and supplement faimly income (imo, not everyone is cut out for formal school anyways).

    Now, no on under 15 yo can get a job. 15 yo are very restricted in what jobs they can do. Child labor laws put the end of kids contributing to the family income.

    Employing adults, it's not like you can hire them to clean up the place for a day, pay them for odd jobs. Part time work, people with disabilitys, etc is all a very formal obstacle to just pay them a few bucks to tide them over.

    Liability issues between employers, employees and now litigation with customer relations, it's better not to bother trying to help the disadvantaged with a work program, give them a gov't benefit.
  3. Here Here, get rid of those job killing, profit killing child labor laws. We've lost the garment industry, among others, to industrious third world countries who aren't too proud to work their children for the good of the country and corporate profits. Another problem I have is those profit killing worker safety laws, doesn't the public realize how much profit this is draining from the coal mining industry. Is it really worth spending millions and millions a year on mine safety to save a few workers lives, is it, I say no. They live underground, some are probably wanting to die and when they die we can put some more slugs underground. Eliminate worker safety laws for the good of our country and corporations. And what's with all this equal opportunity BS, used to you could hire some blacks or browns to do shit work and it wouldn't cost us much. Now we have to import our disposable workers from Mexico to take advantage of, WTF. We have our own minorities we can use for these undesirable job and yes their kids too.
  4. exactly, in a perfect world the USA being the worlds policeman and walking a global beat the cost of keeping open the flood gates of trade would be realized over the earth instead of burdening the American Citizen. The days of the corporations feeling entitled to protection even though they pay no tax to the USA, instead they pay a tax to whatever nation their operations are located. That nation should bare the burden of protecting the corporate interest. I the american taxpayer receive zero benefit from intel putting a plant in vietnam. Intel will need to cover vietnams cost of building a navy to protect intels intellectual property rights and keeping open the sea lanes so intel can move product. The days of the entitlement class walking all over and abusing the american taxpayer are done.:mad:
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    hmmm... The outlook is very bad for the US. Perhaps that description of the 19th Century is what we are headed for...
  6. You have got to be kidding? Do you have children? Would you send your children to work in a coal mine or in the garment industry?

    Children belong in school, not in a coal mine or a sweat shop.
  7. I dont want my children working, well grandchildren now. I was talking about the children of the poor and minorities. You know give them a chance to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and work themselves out of poverty.
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    there is plenty of white trash in the US.
    some of them even post on ET.
  9. The article writer is delusional. Pre-20th century there was an escape valve created by ethnic cleansing the prairies and the west, and dumping what survived into concentration camps.
  10. True but tea party people should get a pass.
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