America 2 war - and the markets?!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by neo_hr, Sep 25, 2001.

  1. neo_hr


    Hello everybody!

    I am starting this thread as I would really like to know what all of you experienced guys think :confused: of this situation that the US (read : world) economy is in, and I dont only mean this horrendeus thing that has happened to newyorkers.

    OK, we probably all agree on the bear market tag, but the US couterattack is about to happen, a war of bigger size may escalate... Any thoughts, comments and 2c :) welcome.

    Since I live in Croatia, Id like to hear from you fellas

    Have a nice day - Croatian way!


    So much said but ....can anyone recommend an IB alternative since I only have 4k to start with and wanna be a swing trader so cant "afford" this blo*** T+3? Thanks!
  2. alain


    In my opinion the US has to be very carefully... why? Because the attack on the newyorkers is not made out of a political, economical or religious reason. I have many friends that come from turky, iran and around there... and by talking to them I found out that the real problem is much more complicated than it seems to be. In fact they feel that the US has some sort of abused theier countries... mostly for economical reasons. For example just look at your television and see where it was produced... or also your computer! Mostly those items are from a country some where in the asian area. WE, the western countries let produce things for our well beeing in the poor countries so chap that those people there can hardly survive. What all the US-Gov. has done in the Islamic areas of the world... I don't know. But I think there have been a lot of things going on there - that I don't know. Hate in such an enormous dimension like we have seen in NYC is for me myself hardly imaginable that it only comes from some furious guys... there must be more I think.

    For the economy: I think that economic on the short term will react like a chain reaction. I can see for example here in europe. About 40% of all tourists that visit europe every year come from the US... now because of the fear of flying and the many canceled flights this number will sink dramatically. What kind of impact this has on the tourism and on the rest of the economy you can imagine yourself. When I look back at the past two weeks Mr. Bush did a great job in remotivation the US-Population... I guess he saw how dramatic this attac of NYC on the economy will be. I think that it takes at least six months for the economy to recover a little... the markets are often a early indicator in economical development... what would mean that the markets would rise in a positive direction much earlier.

    The only thing that is left to say is that I hope that most of that confilict can be solved in small military actions and diplomatic conversation. Becaus I would like to enjoy this world a little longer!

  3. Redart11


    Do you pay capital gains taxes in Switzerland?Do you pay
    any withholding or other taxes to the U.S. for trading their
    stock and futures markets?
  4. alain


    I don't want to affect any americans.. I have lived in the US for several years and I can identify myself very well with this country, people and their thinking are very similar to the middle of europe... Here we pay about 35% income taxes by the way... and I don't like many things our government here is doing.. but that's not important. The only thing that I'm trying to do is to see the BIG picture.. nothing more! I'm studying philosophy, for three years now and the first thing you learn in philosophy is to question everything... and that's what I'm doing. I just want to share my ideas with other people here.. not affect anyone...

    don't get me wrong...

  5. Redart11


    My question was for a friend who may become a citizen of
    Switzerland.He was curious about the tax situation only-I promise.:)
  6. alain


    sorry for the missunderstanding.. you can write me an e-mail for this... because I think this doesn't belong to this board.

    I can give you detailed information...
  7. neo_hr


    Guys, guys,
    Please, peace!

    I started this thread JUST to see how other traders react to this situation as to learn from them, not to start a conflict of any kind! I love Croatia, I love America, man I love ANY country that has normal and honest people living in it.

    Peace to you all! :)

  8. Redart11


    I think there was a slight misunderstanding with my
    question about taxes.It was not rhetorical.I honestly
    have a friend that is moving there,and he wants to know about
    capital gains etc.