Amercian men, Muslim women, will we see a joint effort this time?

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  1. In previous extended wars, and occupation by US troops for some period of time, it was common for GI's to develop relationships with the local women, take war brides, and father children of the women of the country we occupied.

    Will we see the same in tendency in Iraq, and witness American soldiers sowing their seed in this corner of the earth?

    There are going to be a large number of widows and orphaned children, it will be interesting to see if the GI's hearts and other parts of their anatomy are extended, or if the Muslim law will keep the infidels at bay.
  2. hmmm...i wonder if you could score a harem over there???
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    Not unless they are turned on by Wookiees

  4. LOL :p
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  6. IMHO I doubt very much it will be as common as it was in Japan, Korea, Vietnam or Europe. Muslim law will definitely keep the infidels at bay to a large extent!

    But hey, the two strongest human drives are survival and reproduction, in that order. Once the first has been taken care of, the second will no doubt rear its, er, head. :)
  7. No, I don´t think so. Do you have any further questions regarding this matter ?
  8. Ya, why don't you think so?
  9. I'm just curious -- with a lot of troops low on food and with no tents and miles of desert all around, where does a GI go to rub one off?
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