AMD vs. Pentium Chip

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kiwi, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. kiwi



    I am looking at building another PC for trading. I have seen the new XPC (Small form factor) boxes by Shuttle. They look very interesting. They have a P4 or AMD motherboard. The AMD is built on the new Nvidia N-force 2 chipset with dual video output.
    Question for other computer builders, is there a big difference between using an AMD processor or Intel Pentium 4?


  2. no
  3. stocon


    I concur with Longshot, but I had to send back a shuttle board.
    Got an MSI no problems. I'd imagine that onboard nvidea chip uses shared mem? Not sure. Good time to be building great bang for your buck.
  4. TGregg


    Fuq that small form factor bs. Sheesh. I encourage traders to build boxes in full size towers, not them washed down things that are easy to carry to LAN parties.

    It's much easier to work inside a big box, than some freaken palm-pilot thing. Go full ATX. There is plenty of competition there.