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  1. well, that was quick, while looking at the site, a window popped up and asked me if I wanted to chat

    I asked the difference and the lady told me the intel b830 was faster than the amd e1 1200
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  3. If you buy an AMD you are not serious about computer trading.
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    I was a long-time AMD customer, up until about 5 years ago, at that point I did switch-over to Intel because of getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of reliability of their chips (1 Athlon died, 1 AMD-inside laptop also died, 1 low-end CPU never got stable)

    Since then, I have had 2 x Intel Q6600 overclocked from 2.4GHz to 3Ghz (1 for R&D the other for live trading), which have been working absolutely flawlessly for 5 years.

    2 years ago, I built a pair of AMD desktops for my 2 kids (non-overclocked) ... one CPU died after 6 months, I did RMA it and was shipped another faulty CPU. For the sake of time, I bought another AMD CPU, which died in about a year. Then they had 1 ATI (now AMD) video-card dying on them. Before that, I had always been on nVidia, never a problem ...

    I.. and I never had any problem with Intel CPU either (I had a few of these, too - Pentium 166MHz, Pentium-II 233MHz, Celeron 850MHz).

    Long story short, I would go Intel over AMD any-day, and even more so for a laptop.
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    As a trader you want to go with an Intel i7 Ivy Bridge Mobile processor....


    The ones you are looking at do NOT have enough processing power..