AMD sees first-quarter revenue below Wall St. consensus, stock up 3.5%?????

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    AMD sees first-quarter revenue below Wall St. consensus

    By Michael Baron
    Last Update: 9:09 AM ET Apr 9, 2007

    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD :
    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc
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    Last: 13.22+0.36+2.80%
    9:49am 04/09/2007

    AMD13.22, +0.36, +2.8% ) Monday said it expects revenue of about $1.225 billion for the first quarter ended March 31. The Sunnyvale, Calif., semiconductor maker said revenue fell sharply on a quarter-over-quarter basis for its Computing Solutions' business due to lower overall average selling prices and significantly lower unit sales, especially in its resale sales channel. The current average estimate of analysts polled by Thomson Financial is for a loss of 30 cents a share in the March period on revenue of about $1.55 billion. Advanced Micro also said it plans to restructure its business in an effort to lower its operating costs. It's targeting a reduction a $500 million in capital spending in 2007. The company will also "significantly reduce" discretionary expenses and limit hiring to critical positions. Advanced Micro plans to report its first-quarter results on April 29, after the closing bell. The stock closed Thursday at $12.86, up 15 cents. End of Story
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    Cramer would say that is a good thing.
  3. i guess the news was already "factored" into the stock. Looking at the long down trend, it was probably expected by most investors.

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    wise statement
  5. Most people were expecting AMD to miss..

    I guess the news was that they missed by less then the amount priced in already.
  6. This was clearly already priced into the stock.
  7. That's great! More profit for the short side now as this thing heads up a little before crashing back down.

  8. Price moved not because of traders buying Long, but because of short covering.

    It seems every thread and post on this board is being made by recently registered newbies. Where are you all coming from?
  9. Absolutely; Check out AMD processors price in store recently; I can feel that winter isn't over yet for AMD. Just talk to any retail builder who will your the same thing.
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    Maybe this plays a role?
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