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    Is AMD serious, I think they are throwing this news out because they have nothing else to get there stock moving as it sits near a 52 week low. QUITE PATHETIC AMD!!!!!

    ROCHESTER HILLS, Michigan, Feb 20 (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile , Research) new Windows Vista operating system will give a bigger boost to technology spending than many people now expect, Hector Ruiz, chief executive of computer chip maker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD.N: Quote, Profile , Research), said on Tuesday.

    "We're very optimistic about Vista and we think people are underestimating the impact it will have," Ruiz told Reuters after a speech at the Detroit Economic Club.

    Ruiz's comments followed cautionary remarks by Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer last Thursday that characterized Vista sales forecasts by some Wall Street analysts as "overly aggressive."

    Ballmer's remarks sent Microsoft's stock price down 2.7 percent, the biggest drop in 9 months. Shares in Microsoft gained as much as 11 cents after Ruiz's comments before giving up those increases to trade flat at $28.74.

    "Once people begin to taste it, I really think it will generate a lot of turnover and upgrading of technology at the consumer level," Ruiz said.

    Asked why he thought Vista was being underestimated, Ruiz said most people hadn't had a chance to see it and try it.

    "They haven't been exposed to it. It's hard to explain until you see it," Ruiz said. "When people experience it, I think they will really want it."

    After Intel Corp. (INTC.O: Quote, Profile , Research), AMD is the second-biggest maker of processors for personal computers. AMD shares were down 2 cents at $14.92 in mid-afternoon trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
  2. LOL. This stock is still being dominated by bears. Right now i can only see this thing moving sideways. I saw a vista commercial and at the end it said "AMD, the smarter choice". I want to believe.
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    VISTA stinks on old computers. Drivers dont' work, hardware doesn't work, and it just, well sucks. If you don't have 2 gigabyte ram already, with the latest video card, it's not worth it.

    Now I was planning to get a new computer this year, but I want them to come out with a Vista service pack first. But we went through the same thing with XP... the first year XP came out, it sucked too.

    Give it another few months or a year, depending on how fast the driver market catches up, and my personal feeling is that it will take off... and a lot of people will upgrade because they'll have to.

    AMD has taken a huge beating these last few months, that was unexpected, but I don't believe the company's in trouble by any means.
  4. amd is ralling from 13 IMO
    sort of hold for a few days
    I'd give it a week before longer term position

    for next 10 days this should work with ur own risk requirments
    GL KaL

    % sure Long Long PT Long S/L _______ Short Short PT Short S/L
    68.4% 13.8033 14.5770 12.8661 _______ 15.4668 14.7508 16.3340
    73.1% 13.6408 14.6312 12.6788 _______ 15.6172 14.7007 16.5073
    78.4% 13.4328 14.7005 12.4900 _______ 15.8096 14.6366 16.6821
    84.3% 13.1666 14.7893 12.2858 _______ 16.0560 14.5544 16.8709
    90.1% 12.8258 14.9029 12.0345 _______ 16.3713 14.4493 17.1036
    95.0% 12.3896 15.0483 11.6802 _______ 16.7749 14.3148 17.4314
    98.3% 11.8313 15.2344 11.1461 _______ 17.2916 14.1426 17.9256
    99.7% 11.1166 15.4726 10.3547 _______ 17.9529 13.9221 18.6579
    100.0% 10.2019 15.7775 9.2593 _______ 18.7993 13.6400 19.6715