AMD going bankrupt??

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by heilbronner1, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. AMD chart reminds me of WCOM a few years ago.
  2. gobar


    was 13 in nov and 5.50 in jan

    thats chart looks horrible..
  3. dsq


    amd has been going bk since 1990...look at a long term chart...its a rollercoaster....nothing less/ u think pc makers want intel to be their sole chip maker?do pc makers want to buy from a monopoly??dont think so...ergo amd
  4. It's from 700 million in financing. They're selling common. It'll crater and then pop once they're done.

    But yes, AMD looks like hell lol.

    Would really be something if they did go belly up.

    I hope they dont, because they're going to have to split up Intel if they do.
  5. Does anyone here trade this stock (well)?
    This thing gets slaughtered in markets like this (that is before it rebounds several hundred percent). Their debt levels are killing them, but they will still probably survive, again.
  6. I only had one indicator that would convince me to buy and that was if they go ahead and build the chip plant in NY. Which has been on hold for some time.

    ps, I belive other cos are building chip plants in China or elsewhere so I never thought it was a good idea anyway. US is caput for mfg business.