AMD Drivers Stops Responding & Recovering Back in Win -8

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cj8, Jan 11, 2013.

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    I have a multi monitor Dell workstation T - 7500 with AMD FirePro 2460 Video Cards for multi monitors & the setup has worked flawlessly with Windows - 7 ( 64 bit ).

    I now installed Windows -8 ( Pro ) 64 bit few times & new AMD Drivers for it from AMD Site but the darn thing keeps giving me following message with black screens few times an hour.

    " Display driver stopped responding & has recovered "

    I tried everything possible including installing several versions of the drivers starting from August 2012 for Win -8.

    Any random number of screens suddenly go black & come back pretty quickly & happens randomly several times an hour.

    My concern is :

    (1) Could it hurt the Video Cards which are over $330.00 a piece.

    (2) Could it hurt the data on hard drive ?

    (3) Would it change actual live feed, may be missing few ticks or more ?

    (4) Any suggestions & has anyone else experienced similar problem with Windows -8 & AMD Cards OR other Cards ?

    I can use all the help.

  2. Mr_You


    (1) No.
    (2) No if the machine is not actually freezing or rebooting suddenly.
    (3) Doubtful, appears to be video only issue.

    Suggestions (in this order):

    - Make sure you're running the latest BIOS for your motherboard.
    - Google search for similar video card, driver, and OS and see if anyone else has found a solution.
  3. I don't know much about windows 8, but I can say from experience that when I tried to run AMD video card drivers with ubuntu 11 and dual-monitors, there were major headache/debug compatibility issues (like watermarking and blackouts) with OS compatibility for 2nd monitor. Your description reminds me a little bit of that experience.

    some examples have been documented in ubuntu forums...
  4. I have seen the odd problem that occurred on AMD processor and not on Intel.