AMD Blowout!

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  1. AMD comes in with +0.09 cents (pro-forma) per share vs 0.04 expected!

    Flash memory +34% to sales of $566 million dollars!



    I wouldn't call it a blowout ...

    The fourth quarter results include a favorable impact of $14 million, or $0.03 per share

    So now you're looking at .06 ...

    Trading down at or under $17 after closing at $17.38.

    Better take off your rose colored glasses ...
  3. 16.95 offer....sell the news?
  4. You need to learn how to read an earnings report properly!

    The pro-forma result was +0.09 cents per share.

    Without the .03 cent restructuring charge that you speak of, the earnings number was:

  5. Looks to be the story initially, ( stock popped to $17.90 initially )but I believe that a lot will hinge on the conference call, with people looking for Q1-Guidance and the success of the adoption of its Athlon 64 and Opteron processors.

    Oppenheimer by the way, was looking for +0.09 with the rest of the Street around .03-.04 cents per quarter.

    Meanwhile, the Book-to-Bill Ratio is being watched carefully today after the close.


    Looking forward, AMD said it expects aggregate sales to be down slightly

    ... just like INTC forecast Q1 to be down sequentially
  7. techs selling off hard in the post-market

    SONS down hard
  8. And above all:

    Buy the rumor, sell the fact. :p
  9. Or, avoid this kind of thing altogether.
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