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    AMD reported fourth quarter 2006 revenue of $1.77 billion, an operating loss of $527 million, and a net loss of $574 million, or $1.08 per share.
  3. AMD is being crushed by Intel.
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    Think AMD could be a lonnnng term buy under 15.
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    Intel apparently looking into building its own Graphics cards...not good for AMD/ATI and official entry into the field wouldn't help AMD in any big way.
  6. is amd going to $10? Trading in the after hours at 16.70.
  7. This company will be oversold @ 15, i expected it to get to low 16 high 15 then jump back to 17. AMD is big enough now to take INTC down with them. I'm tired of both these company, let them kill each other. INTC is a monopoly, i am on AMD side.
  8. AMD pretty much breaks any support that it ever had at 16.90...although the cat was already out of the bag on this one. I think the after-hours might be a knee-jerk...
  9. It's only down 4.28%.
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    AMD has been in a 10 year downtrend. However, it's still above it's support from the upper channel. If it falls below that there is support around $14 so I doubt it will see $10 any time soon.
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