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    Hi, does anyone here trade AMD and PFE.
  2. I do...right now have a 37.5 put calendar on AMD and sold a strangle 27.5/25 on the shares of PFE I have. When I put the calendar on I thought AMD was over-valued and I've bought and sold PFE before...seems fairly valued here. just my thoughts
  3. Had AMD on the watchlist, but PFE is now going on it too, thanks.
  4. I use higher timeframe analysis and prop calculations to monitor where value buyers are willing to offset momentum sellers. It allowed me to buy Gold recently on 3/23 (still long)

    AMD is a high probabillity buy here although the broader market context is breaking down.

    I'm long, but I've reduced size below normal levels and loosened up the stop due to the 4/12 earnings release and the possibility of a adverse 10-15% quick move.

    Here's my AMD chart with my bid line

    And you can download my daily notes in the attached PDF
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