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  1. the new AMD 64ibt mobile chip for laptops, makes me so excited that I can hardly type anymore on this laptop....

    who knows what?

    which tech-y website has been discussing it?

    which vendor has product out?

    who knows what?

    ( I want one, NOW!)
  2. Damn dude... go change those panties immediately! :D

    Here ya go:



  3. Is there any advantage of this with todays software?
  4. using a 1.5mb broadband connection, your advantage will be substantial...

    a number of former Bright traders went over to Andover / Assent because their Hammer software was more current, efficient, highly customized and was demonstrably faster at order submission that the SLK Redi+ platform.

    running on a faster platform is its own reward

    runnin on a faster machine has its own benefits, especially when you're trading against ECN, Floor Traders, Market Makers and such who have T3 speeds. Having a T1 connection (1.5MB or bettter) helps, however having something less than that hurts.

    so, the answer is all these factors weigh in heavily in terms of speed and confirmation by the receipient servers of your orders...(make sense?)
  5. hate to ask dumb questions.....but is this machine preferable to a 3.0 or 3.2 32 bit?
  6. don't know,

    hoping someone knows of a website on laptops that discusses these advanced machines and comparisons on using them
  7. nonam


    I heard a nasty rumour that AMD laptops run too hot.No doubt put out by those nasty Intel people........:D:D
  8. Want to know how your system compares to these new AMD chips, then go to this page:

    Search on the string "Test this system's performance", and click on it.

    It will run a little test on your computer and show you
    how much faster this AMD 64bit box is.


  9. PS. I have a 2.0ghz pentium 4 system.
    The AMD64 system is almost TWICE as fast.

    Of course.... laptops never get THAT fast compared to desktops.


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