AMBAC rumors nixed AGAIN.....sick of this shit

Discussion in 'Trading' started by athlonmank8, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. No deal likely. No surprise. Same rumors as the BSC bullshit a while back.

    Glad i'm still on break here.....these whipsaws must be killing people.
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    You are waiting for Godot. :p
  3. After this Ambac deal does finally close the market will probably react negatively to the news because of all the rumors have already run their course for the upside.
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    The rating agencies have zero credibility now.

    They should be shut down like Arthur Andersen LLP.
  5. Guess which side of the fishing stick you're on. If you ain't doing the "baiting", well......

    It's the guys who think the markets are efficiently operated by boy-scouts without govt. subversion that usually end up on the wrong side of the fishing pole.

    All these whiny threads are rather amusing. Once you realize the markets are rigged, making money should be like taking candy from a baby. All you have to do it think like the crooks.
  6. Your 100% correct
  7. Because it's a good for nothing pump&dump. Either that or uncle sam will socialize it and save the fat cats that win no matter what they do with peoples $. Either way it's a total joke.