Amazon’s cashierless store finally ready to go after yearlong delay

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    Amazon’s cashierless store finally ready to go after yearlong delay
    Published: Jan 21, 2018 4:56 p.m. ET

    Seattle store scheduled to open Monday

    [​IMG]Amazon via YouTube
    A shopper exits an Amazon Go store with her purchases logged on a mobile phone in an image taken from an Amazon promotional video.


    Nearly a year after it was promised, Inc.’s cashierless convenience store is slated to open to the public on Monday.

    The new Amazon Go store, located in the base of Amazon’s main headquarters in Seattle, uses computer vision and machine-learning algorithms to track shoppers and charge them for what they select, thereby eliminating checkout counters.

    In an interview last week, Dilip Kumar, vice president of technology for Amazon Go and Amazon Books, said testing with employees has trained the technology to work in the store, an experiment that is part of the company’s broader effort to reinvent how consumers shop. Kumar declined to say whether Amazon AMZN, +0.56% will expand the Go concept, although he said the company has developed the technology to scale.

    Amazon announced the new Go store with fanfare in December 2016, and said it would open to the public in early 2017. The opening was delayed, however, as the technology proved more difficult to master than expected, with glitches occurring when too many people were in the store or were moving too quickly, The Wall Street Journal reported in March 2017.
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    Strike up another victory for minimum wage increase advocates.
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    How is this a victory for minimum wage increase advocates? To me, this looks like the first nail in the coffin for a major source of minimum wage jobs - retail cashiers.

  4. Uploaded in 2006, old technology. For the republican mind, it has nothing to do with minimum wages, it's called progress.
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    But where are the flying cars?!? Lotus, HAH! IBM can suck it.

  6. You can't have it both ways.
    There's a reason their jobs are minimum wage...because anybody can do it...even a machine.

    I can't wait till Walmart applies this technology. I hate using self-checkout and scanning and waiting in lines.
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    I was being sarcastic.
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    Trump shouldn't know about this....
  9. Up 5% in two days selling salads and carrot juice.