Amazon will compete with Netflix...

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  1. " Inc. is developing a Netflix-like subscription service that would offer TV shows and movies, according to people familiar with the matter. That service would be included as a bundle with its Amazon Prime shipping service, which costs $79 a year, those people said. An Amazon spokesman didn't respond to a request for comment."

    I have to find my SHORT button for Netflix...Aha! Hit it!
  2. This is why netflix is over priced. Wait for apple to get just know they will.
  3. apple has been involved for over 18 months already with appletv. any other comments?
  4. That's bullshit. Apple tv is nothing like netflix, one is a subscription based unlimited use on old movies, another is pay per view on new release. Apple tv even comes with netflix.

    Netflix currently has no competition in their subscription streaming service. The closest is hulu plus but that is entirely focused on tv series, not movies.

    Not sure what amazon is releasing, but if it's a monthly subscription based service then it's the first real competition to netflix.
  5. the idea of competition is to bring prices down. the prices are very low to start so it seems like a dumb business idea. it would be like competing against red box. you have to ask yourself can you be in business mailing dvd's back and forth for $5's a month.
  6. here take a read below - an analysis published by one of the hedge fund that is short netflix.

    Right or wrong, it's one of the most detailed review of netflix out in the public:

    edit: lol netflix ceo hasting responded to the article:

    I must say the response is pretty impressive and addressed all items in the article.

    I guess it's fucking on now!! who's getting their teeth knocked in?
  7. More than likely, it will be streaming media straight to your tv, similar to netflix. DVD's are a dead business, just as movie gallery and blockbuster. Amazon will start in the 70 range while netflix is in the 90's.
  8. I have one of those Netflix TV boxes Roku so movies can be streamed in to the TV. Interestingly, after a software update six months ago, Amazon showed up as a choice on the box. So movies and TV shows can be rented from Amazon. but they cost a quite a bit as compared to Netflix which is free, included in my subscription.
  9. i am told you can't offer new movies on it though?
  10. I dont use either one so I don't know. I use blockbuster's total access, and I've been happy with it. I like being able to go to the store and return my to mailed dvd's for 2 free movies. For 16 a month, it aint bad.
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