Amazon is a 46 dollar stock?? WAhahahahaaaaaaaaa

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    lo and behold i saw AMAZON was a 46 dollar stock...

    which reminds me, by the way, the new yahoo finance format BLOWS.

    sweet jesus...or better yet "jesus christ" (gay voice -- if anyone else saw the south park rerun last night...) :D

    so amazon went from 7 to 46 in <2 years with the whole world watching...

    may be a killer short considering it's trading at 50% of its all time high from the bubble...but i'm not gonna sell it since i buy shit from them all the time and i like them...
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    Twilight Zone. :p
  3. 1-Oct-01 5.91 6.10 5.51 6.01 7,994,400 6.01

    AMZN got as low as $5.51. I used to trade this turkey back then.
    I should of held onto a few K shares...

    Today's last trade on Yahoo says $47.89. More than 8x your

    And YES, the new yahoo finance format BLOWS... totally...

    AMZN will probably go to $100 just like EBAY... :eek:
  4. theres so much money lying around that extremely worthless and overvalued pos are being bid up.

    but i aint complaining :D
  5. Bungrinder; Thanks for the heads-up.I've been spending most of my energy focusing on the call side of the metals market and doing very well.I'll have to put Amazon near the top of my list of shorts.Its still to early and perception and optimism is still positive despite ridiculoius valuations.However, within the next several months we should get that opportunity that only comes along once in a while,where trading is like shooting fish in a barrel.In the meanwhile, follow the herd.
  6. It is like Bart Simpson put it, "I didn't think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows."

    Actually, it reminds me of what eBay did to their website. What is it with those companies? Seems like they are making too much money so they hire people who are ordered to make every effort to make the site as user-unfriendly and retarded as possible in order to cut down on the company's top line. Is that it? I mean what kind of a f***ing s***head in his right mind would destroy these sites like that if visitor satisfaction were any concern?
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    Is Amazon making a profit yet?

    Is there even any positive cashflow?

    I don't think this company will go out of business, but it needs a rude awakening.
  8. Or the investors do.
  9. AMZN is for me to poop on...hahahahahaaha
  10. It may be overvalued. It may have no fundementals...

    But, dont forget: Trend is your friend. Don't get wiped out on your shorts if it goes to 100+.

    BTW I have no position in this stock.
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