Amazon Finspace - Security and Trust

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    Keith, no offense but you don't trade nearly enough AUM for anyone to care about picking off your edge.
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  2. kmiklas


    True, but would you recommend it to a client that does trade heavily?
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  3. tsznecki


    Unless you are at the architect level, it's not a concern for your paygrade. Again no offense, but if you had the authority to choose deployment, you certainly wouldn't be asking ET instead of industry colleagues. That's where I would be directing my questions if I was concerned about it.
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  4. kmiklas


    Can we please set aside my trading volume, pay grade and penis size, and answer the question?

    -> Would this be a good fit for a hedge fund with proprietary data, analysis, and information, or is the security risk too high?
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  5. ph1l


    I'd be more concerned about a data leak happening like this one than Amazon stealing the data.
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  7. tsznecki


    Short answer no I don't think it's an issue.

    Longer answer and my point from the earlier post Keith: WTF are you asking ET? 99% of ET struggles to make $50 a day and 99.99% have never worked with AWS. Absolutely the wrong audience to be asking the question. Would you ask your car mechanic on issues with your home plumbing?
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  8. kmiklas


    ET is a good forum, and there are some smart people here. I've received some great and helpful responses to some tough questions through the years--all for free. Are there gamblers and n00bs? Yes, but there are also seasoned professionals who are willing to share their experience. Maybe 99% are worthless, but the opinion of the 1%--the one guy that worked as a Data Engineer for Citadel, or another who is a Cloud Security Engineer--is gold. There's a reason we have a "Data Sets and Feeds" forum here.

    Take @ph1l 's solid response for example: Azure was hacked, and data were exposed. Was any proprietary hedge fund data lost? Solid response!

    - There's relatively little bias here: people speak their mind, and will speak the truth. Nowadays it's becoming harder and harder to find honest opinions that are not censored.

    Curious as to why you undermine the question with personal attacks on my trading volume, pay grade, and bash the ET community as well? Cloud security, especially concerning proprietary financial data, is a reasonable concern. If you're a hedge fund PM spending $10M/year on Ph.D.'s in Physics and Mathematics to transform MD into profitable indicators, you'd want that secured, right? Why not just answer the question and give your opinion?

    Finally, if not ET, where would you inquire? Should I ask on the AWS forum?
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  9. tsznecki


    You have got to be kidding me? There's little bias? This is one of the most heavily biased sites on the Internet. Some days I can't tell if I'm at Stormfront(google it) or ET.

    If you are really employed at a respectable fund Keith, you would have access to your peers and the immediate community who would be much better at answering your questions than a random guy on ET. They would direct you to the right places. I'm not saying these people who are knowledgeable aren't on ET, but they are far and few.

    I stand by my statement that 99% of ET struggles to make $50/day. You want to ask these guys on how to secure data sets? If I was your employer and found out, you would not be employed any more. Like I said, I'm not knocking your paygrade, but your decision making.

    You should be asking on nuclearphynance, etc. Not ET. The fact that you didn't know where to ask tells a lot about you.
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  10. kmiklas


    Again, back to the ad hominem attacks; this time it's my, "decision making." In my defense, ET is just one of dozens of sources I consult before making any decision; and yes, I do value opinions here on ET.

    Yes, my trade volume is low, my pay-grade sucks, my decision-making is poor, ET is trash, and my penis is too small. I would add that I'm going bald, and have a bit of a beer gut. So having established my ignorance, insignificance, and ugliness, can actually use your brain to form an opinion on the OP? Some prompts:

    1. What are the risks involved with a hedge fund using AWS Finspace
    2. What are the pros and cons of setting up a small in-house cloud-based service? Is this possible?
    3. Perhaps rolling their own servers still makes sense?
    4. Are there any key differences among AWS, GCP, Azure, and other cloud services? Do any offer specific advantages to the Financial community?

    A word of free advice: stop with the ad hominem attacks. You embarrass yourself.

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