amazon buys Zappos for $1 billon

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by aceofbase, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. $1 billion in stock

    since amazon stock is overalued it's actually on $200,000,000 million share dilution to increase revenue even though zappos is a non-profit business and heavily in debt. only thing it got is revenues of 1 billion and monopoly in selling shoes. LOL al bundy

    Bezos is a genius and eBay management who paid $4 billion Cash for Skype is stupid.

    Cash is king in business and trading.

    Without cash a trader is out of business. you can't even open a trading account with less than $5000-$10,000 cash. and downpayment on house is 30% cash.

    most of these traders who work at prop firms do so cuse they don't have cash to trade their own account
  2. is that why the stock is getting destroyed ?!
  3. hey it's just a piece of paper the stock. amazon actually did good.

    Bezos used to work in wall street so he know wall street shareholders are full so sh#t (speculators) and short positions. they dump the shares to short positions.

    The investors of zappos just want their cash(investment) back . exit strategy was to sell zappos to amazon from the day the started the company 1999 like many internet startups in the late 90's with the declining economy they acutally did good selling now to amazon or close their business and get nothing.

    amazon p/e is 40 and market cap is 40 billion.

    way overvalued for a retailer of commodities.

    bezos is still a billionaire even if the stock price is $30/share.

    All the shares of the $1 billion transaction are probably pre-liquidated at today's price.