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    I am watching CNBC and Bill is talking to some guy about Carmry's when he mentions that that the building is moving and that they are experiencing a mini-quake, laughing it off.

    About a minute later, Sue Herrera comes on and says that the Pentagon is being evacuated due to a 6.0 magnitude earthquake in Virginia. As she is saying that, the desk that I am sitting on starts to oscillate underneath my arms very lightly. I am almost 1000 miles away in Chicago!

    If you felt it too, post what your location is here!

    :eek: Dude, this is a precursor to the big one. Could this be what people are talking about 2012? :eek:
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    "...Some large earthquakes have small precursors, called foreshocks, but others happen without warning. There is one famous case of earthquake prediction, in Haicheng, China, in 1975. A local official sounded the alarm after many foreshocks and reports of snakes emerging from hibernation. But that prediction was more akin to a hunch than a scientific argument. There have been countless, less publicized instances when predicted earthquakes did not materialize..."
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    Just heard that Colorado had a rare earthquake, and that there was one on the east coast, on top of that the east coast is suppose to be getting a hurricane this weekend.

    Are people really that worried, Im not, they said the big earthquakes arent coming for another 100+ years or something like that, so we all have time to relax and not worry.
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    Just felt it on long island, thought it was vertigo or something - a first for me.

    Apparently the market didn't like.
  6. Man this site has gone so doom and gloom friendly that now we go from tiny little 5.8 earthquake to precursor of 2012 end of the world.

    Too Funny
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    Hot Zones with lots of population:
  9. Settle down, Beavis.
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    LI here also. Felt it bigtime. The house shook.
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