Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China

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  1. nasty. wonder how that compares to USA in inudstrial age? pre cameras.....
  2. A few years back, China said "... Concerns about the environment will cost jobs, so we're not going to be bothered."

    Most recently, they've said "Our pollution concerns will be guided by the economy..." IOW, if the economy is racing along, we might do something about our pollution. If the economy slows, SCREW THE ENVIRONMENT!"
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    no different than Love Canal...

    and thousands of still existing examples in USA

    we only see what we want to see
  4. Damn. Have a heart China
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    sheeesh.... Consumption is the driving force behind this. Look in the mirror to see who consumes the most per capita anywhere on the planet.
  6. All that pollution in China, and Goldman Sachs is at the forefront of the bullshit "carbon offset" market starting up in the U.S.

    Goldman gets even richer while the worst polluters in the world destroy the earth and poison millions of their own people and no one cares.


  7. What's your solution other than a market driven one?

    You seem full of rhetoric with no answers.

  8. What can you say after looking at those pics? We are hopeless as species? That our intelligence is trumped by greed? The day the first engine was invented was the begining of the end?

    Those poor children...oh man.
  9. While consumers are stupid with a buy, buy binge, much blame also falls on crooked politicians for not imposing a VAT type of tax that would automatically reduce exports & consumers would buy less. Instead, these government assholes keep playing their games and the corporate sector keeps pushing for more & more sales of imported Chinese crap. Likely, 1/3 of Walmart sales could be eliminated with policies aimed at curbing wasteful consumption.

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