amazing ib only has 80k accounts?

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  1. even options express has 250k accounts per there ipo prospectus. 80k accounts is tiny as i thought they had at least 300k or so. tell em 80k is wrong as that scares me to have 6 figures there
  2. The average IB account is likely 5x the size of the average OX account. WTF does number of accounts have to do with solvency? These are segregated SIPC accounts with LLoyds insurance to 30mm. You scare easily:
  3. brandon,

    At least we can be pleased that IB's tests etc keep some of the little n00bs away. From the more stupid complaints on ET I thought they were all getting in at IB.

    Happy days.
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    The IB warts start to emerge. Interesting how some data is counter to existing client perception. Why are they going public anyway?
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    Yes I was also perturbed when I found out that their total assets under management is only 2.5billion dollars. That is less than one percent what Ameritrade and Etrade have. Looks like IB is for a lot of retail folks trading 200 shares. Their unfriendly service makes it difficult for them to get big accounts. I wonder why they are going public.
  6. Why does anyone go public in a frothy bull market? Surely you guys know that much (hint: have you ever owned share options in a company you started or worked for)?
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    So they are going public for all the wrong reasons.
  8. oh boy.

  9. 2ticks,

    The responses to IB attackers (fuckwit, wanker, tosser ... take your pick) are for a number of reasons:

    1. Some of the complainers or those who jump on the bandwagon are serial complainers. Sometimes these people are bitter because they can't trade, sometimes they are shills, some are just stupid, some can't get over some problem from the past.

    2. Some complaints malign IB well beyond what is reasonable. The special headings like the last one I jumped on are a case in point. The stupid "Ib does this and ain't it bad" another.

    3. Some are just stupid ... nOOb a'holes who should do their research but don't. And then slander IB in their abject stupidity.

    People who put up honest issues without arrogant stupidity receive a reasonable response. The OP in this thread put up a reasonable point -- a couple of the more recent posters verge on being fuckwits.

    Lets be honest here. Calling these guys wankers, fuckwits or twats is a pleasant outlet. Much healthier than telling ones teenage daughter, boss (take your pick) what you think of them. Having called a twat a twat, then its time for a beer and the normal joy of life, :)

    ET is a an anonymous soap opera. Entertainment Today - its fantastic.

    Don't join the twats!

    The things people believe in are usually just what they instinctively feel is right; the justifications and arguments are the least important part of the belief.
    That's why you can win the argument, prove them wrong, and still they believe what they did in the first place. You've attacked the wrong thing.
    So what do you do? Agree to disagree. Or fight. - C. Zakalwe.
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    Since you personalized your post to me, Ill respond in kind.

    YOU are the one that posted:
    Why does anyone go public in a frothy bull market?

    To which I replied:
    so they are going public for all the wrong reasons

    If I'm a twat, you were the lead twat. But I think twit is more fitting for you. Twats as you call em, seem to be independent thinkers. Twits, like you, merely want to silence the twats to protect your own beliefs.

    I have no axe to grind or praise to give to IB. Never been a client, and based on preliminary data, will not be a shareholder.
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