Amazing, but sad story.

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    Apparently Quentin Guerrero was trying to help a girl who was getting beaten, and then he himself got beaten to death by the boyfriend, and the girl who was originally getting beaten, then a Cab driver came up and started yelling trying to help Guerrero. The Cab driver was awarded 500$ and donated it to the family of the deceased.

    After seeing the McDonalds beating where no one but a 70 year old woman responded it is sad to see that one of the 2 people who responded in this case was beaten to death. The world needs more people like these 2. When i read a story like this i truly believe there is no justice in the world. :(

    Police have charged a man and a woman with beating and killing a 61-year-old man in Mott Haven, Bronx, and a livery cab driver who witnessed the attack and alerted authorities about the suspects was awarded Sunday. NY1's Tetiana Anderson filed the following report.

    Livery car driver Angel Ruiz was hailed a hero by the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers on Sunday. The organization gave him a $500 dollar reward for trying to save a man from a deadly beating Saturday morning in Mott Haven, Bronx and calling 911.

    "He didn't know if that couple that was involved in killing this man had a gun or a knife, could have attacked him, could have killed him. He thought about saving someone's life," said New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers President Fernando Mateo.

    Police say Quentin Guerrero, 61, was beaten in front of his home near East 138th Street and Brook Avenue. Ruiz was driving by and saw the danger.

    "I was on my way down into Manhattan when all the sudden I just noticed there was a male and a female beating up on a guy," said Ruiz. "I tried to scream at them to stop, stop, but they continued. That's when the male started running and I got out of my car and felt the guy's pulse and he was already gone."

    The two suspects under arrest are Queens residents Kendell Major, 35, and Tosheba Alford, 20, according to police. They allegedly got out of a livery cab, and Alford started to talk to Guerrero in front of his home.

    At that point, Major came over and punched Guerrero in the face and then the two suspects started pummeling him, according to authorities.

    Police later found Guerrero unconscious and unresponsive with head trauma. He was taken to Lincoln Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

    "He was a very good man, honest man, hard working man. He used to hang out right here, in front of the building," said one of Guerrero's neighbors.

    "He'd been my buddy for a long time. He'd always been looking out for people who lived in the building," said another.

    Major and Alford were arrested Saturday. Police say Major has 22 previous arrests.

    As for Ruiz, this was not his first time stepping in to harm's way to help a stranger in his 25 years driving a livery car.

    "Going back to 2001, he's got a letter from [former Manhattan District Attorney Robert] Morgenthau, from [Bronx District Attorney] Robert Johnson, from [Queens District Attorney] Richard Brown," said Mateo. "You name it, he has gotten commendations from every district attorney here in the city for heroic work."

    "It's not my job, but you know what? I love doing it, because if more people would get involved in situations like this, the streets would be a little bit safer," said Ruiz. "And right now, I don't know who's saying crime is down, but to me, it's high, specially the South Bronx is high. And I'm out here late nights and I see it happen every day."

    Although Ruiz refused to call himself a hero, he said he has another good deed planned -- to donate his reward check to Guerrero's family.
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    Isn't that one of those places where it's nearly impossible to get a permit to carry?

    Point being if he was armed would he be dead now?
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    Yeah i was thinking exactly the same thing, and i dont even own a gun. (I simply avoid these shitholes.)It would have been nice if one of these 2 had one.

    Most cabbies are severely desensitised to violence because they drive by it every day, at every single bar/party they go to, they see fights. Thats what makes the story of one of them going out of his way to stop it so amazing in my eyes.