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  1. at how the euro and gbp are hanging around extended like that....

    gold and silver too esp given their volatilities...

    its sort of eerie

  2. empee


    its called a short squeeze
  3. empee


    there wont be any pullbacks till the squeeze is over, or if its failed squeeze, but imho that thing was building cause for awhile, I dont think it even pulls back to 1.30 test IMHO.

    The nature of a squeeze is to not allow any pullbacks thus not allowing the shorts to cover.

    Every breakout starts as a squeeze, every uptrend starts as a breakout, but not every squeeze leads to a uptrend.
  4. Thanks, that wasnt very confusing:D

    What a purist technician might describe, or identify as a "pure" impulse move, effectively, yeah?
    Ok-how is it different, (if it is at all) from limit moves in the meat complex, for example?

    Same price behaviour,
    just-NOT a price behaviour controlled by "panic', would that be close?
  5. siki13


    Its more like idiot squeeze because you have to be one to short currency in uptrend
  6. Ive always been a fan of macro currency plays, but what time frame are you talking about siki13?

    I think its important.
    Just asking for clarification.
  7. siki13


    What do you mean ,what timeframe has
    no real pullback?
    For this trend hour timeframe is enough